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Dog Park Etiquette

Pug with BallLongmont has many parks for off-leash enjoyment:

  • Dog Park #1, 21st and Francis Street
  • Dog Park #2, Airport & St. Vrain Roads
  • Stephen Day Park, 1340 Deerwood Drive
  • Rough & Ready Park, 21st and Alpine Street
  • Blue Skies Park , 1520 Mountain Drive
  • Union Reservoir

For the dog who has led a too-sheltered life, however, it can be scary. Being pack animals, dogs are genetically programmed to crave relationships with other dogs; but if they don’t have plentiful opportunities to learn and practice social skills, they are often anxious and insecure when they encounter each other. Without enough confidence, it just isn’t any fun.

There are many ways to prepare dogs to enjoy the dog park experience. The basic requirements for safety are:

  • Having complete immunizations
  • Being spayed or neutered
  • Wearing a collar with current ID and license tags
  • Having completed a basic obedience course

The Humane Society’s training classes permit socialization among the dogs in a way that increases their confidence, as well as giving you tools for maintaining the necessary control. Check out our upcoming classes on our website. Classes fill early, so reserve your dog’s place today.

A few do’s and don’ts for getting the most out of the dog park experience:


  • Keep your dog on leash until safely within the fenced enclosure.
  • Be mindful of the park’s neighbors when walking to or from the park, and keep dogs off private property.
  • Pay attention to your dog at all times while in the park.
  • Take bags for picking up waste, and dispose of it properly.
  • Consider contacting our Training & Behavior Dept for supervised playgroup time here at LHS.  Here, we can help with dogs who may not yet be ready for the dog park or to assist you in determining if your dog is appropriate for the dog park.


  • Take food/treats.
  • Allow your dog to pester others.
  • Take more than one dog, unless you have another person with you, or the dogs are seasoned and obedient park users.
  • EVER take a dog that has been aggressive to other dogs or people.
  •  Force a frightened dog to go in.

For information about City Dog Parks, Click Here