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Making a Memorial or Tribute Gift

Honor your loved one, friend or pet with a contribution to the Longmont Humane Society. Memorial and tribute donations are wonderful ways to recognize others, while also helping the thousands of animals sheltered by us each year. You can permanently recognize your family, pet, or loved one through a memorial tile – a great way to say you care to the thousands of community members who visit LHS every year.

Make a memorial or tribute contribution by using our online donation form here or send gifts by mail to:
Longmont Humane Society
9595 Nelson Road
Longmont, CO 80501

Along with the name of the individual or pet honoree, please include contact information of the next of kin to notify of your donation, including his/her name and address.

Memorial Tile for CatWith a gift of between $250 and $500, a memorial or tribute tile in honor of a beloved pet, friend or family member will be displayed in the shelter and contribute to the care of thousands of homeless animals for decades to come.

Memorial/Tribute Tile Options

Large Memorial Tile with photo

8"x10" Picture Tile

For a gift of $500, you can select a large ceramic tile with the photo and text of your choice.

Small Memorial Tile with photo

8"x6" Picture Tile

With a gift of $350, you can select a small ceramic tile with the photo and text of your choice.

Paw Print Memorial Tile

4"x 4" Pawprint Tile

With a gift of $250, you can choose a pawprint tile with text.

A memorial or tribute tile is a great way to recognize a beloved pet or family member while benefiting the homeless animals at Longmont Humane Society. Your tile will help us accomplish our mission for decades to come.

If you are interested in sponsoring a tile download the Tile Purchase Order Form. For more information please contact Kaitlin Zimmer at (303) 772-1232 x286, or email kaitlin@longmonthumane.org