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Compass for a Cause

Compass for a Cause program offers friends of Longmont Humane Society Compass Bank an opportunity to get great banking services and donate much needed funds to the animals at the same time...Compass for A Cause has raised over $13,000.00 for the animals.

Here's how you can help. If you open an account at Compass Bank, $50 goes to Longmont Humane Society and you get $25 added to your account! And there's more! If you sign up for Direct Deposit you can get $150! Here is how it works...

1. Open a BBVA Compass checking account by compass bankvisiting the website, at any BBVA Compass Banking Center, or by calling 1–800-Compass. When you open your account, be sure to include your organization’s five-digit code on the account or tell the Compass representative assisting you that you have an organization code. Your code can be found below.

2. Apply for a BBVA Compass Visa® Check Card. Once the card arrives, visit us online at http://www.bbvacompass.com/go/makemycard to personalize your card.

3. Start using your check card! Just make sure you sign for purchases or hit “credit” when you use it, so your purchases will qualify* for this program. If you are already a BBVA Compass customer, simply tell your banker to update your account to include our organization’s code. You can also do this by calling 1-800-Compass. When you participate in the program you will also be eligible for the Compass Bonus Banking program which offers you opportunities to save more on all your banking needs. make sure you ask your BBVA Compass representative about the program.

How the funds add up:

Example: 100 of our members enroll in the program and open checking accounts:

100 x $20 = $2,000 in initial royalty payments
Over the course of one year, you each make an average of $500 in qualifying Check Card purchases.
$500 x 12 months = $6,000 a year
$6,000 x 0.25% = $15
$15 x 100 members = $1,500
$2,000 + 1,500 = $3,500

To Learn more go to:

*download flyer for terms and conditions

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